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Last Updated on 13/04/2017

        Notification regarding complaints - grievance to be filed under the WB Clinical Establishment Act, 2017.
        RTA Board Meeting Resolution.
        Offer Letter from Katwa Sub-divisonal Hospital.
        Memo No.682     683    684    685
        Digital Award Ceremony regarding Nirmal Vidalaya Puraskar-2016 held on 5th April 2017 at Sanskriti Loko Mancha.
        Approved list of beneficiaries under FSSM Scheme, 2016-17.
        Memo No.3970 dt. 26/12/16      252 dt. 19/01/17      253 dt. 19/01/17      643 dt. 02/02/17      579 dt. 22/02/17
        Memo No.801 dt. 15/03/17      802 dt. 15/03/17      803 dt. 15/03/17      804 dt. 15/03/17      805 dt. 15/03/17
        Memo No.841 dt. 17/03/17      937 dt. 23/03/17      991 dt. 28/03/17      992 dt. 28/03/17      1054 dt. 31/03/17
        Memo No.1055 dt. 31/03/17
        Approved list of beneficiaries under OTA-SFI Scheme, 2016-17.
        Memo No.641 dt. 02/02/17      642 dt. 02/02/17      921 dt. 22/03/17      936 dt. 23/03/17      938 dt. 23/03/17
        Memo No.939 dt. 23/03/17      1053 dt. 31/03/17
        Declaring JAPANESE ENCEPHALITIS(JE) as a Notifiable Disease in West Bengal with effect from 1st January, 2017.
        Information relating to e-Rickshaw.
        Programme for Arms Licence Renewal.
        Order from District Magistrate regarding misuse of paper.
        District Survey Report.
        List of Registered Cyber Cafe.
        State Level Essay Competition 2016-17.
        Decision taken on the use of 'Jaher Than'.
        List of Beneficiaries under 'Geetanjali' Scheme.
        Public Notice of Supreme Court of India on digitization of records.
        Different types of Scholarships for Minority Students.
        Self-Declaration Format.
        Guidelines of SWAWLAMBAN and Application Form of NHFDC.
        IAY Status Report.
        SHG Status Report.
        Health Status Report.
        SSK & MSK Status Report.
        NBA-ZP Status Report.
        District Disaster Management Action Plan 2014.
        List of Members of Anti Ragging Committee and Gender Sensitization and Sexual Harassment against Women.
        Notice from BDA.
        List of SPIO/SAPIO in respect of RTI under Burdwan Collectorate
        Notice & information of Digitisation of Ration Card.  ORDER  GuideLine  
        Guidelines for student to apply online pre-metric and post-metric scholarships for SC/ST/OBC student.
        Employment Bank.
        Amendments in the West Bengal Minor Minerals Rules. 2002

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